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The state of Wisconsin was formed on the 29th of May, 1848 making it the 30th state to be formed in America. It was given an area of 65,503 square miles making Wisconsin the 23rd biggest state of America. The residents of Wisconsin are often called Wisconsinites. This state has a population of around 5,363,675 making it the 18th most populated state of America. The largest city in this state is Milwaukee while the capital of Wisconsin state is Madison. The states of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota all share their borders with Wisconsin. The number of counties in this state is 72. The major industries set up here are tourism, beer, paper manufacturing, machinery, farming which mainly comprises of corn, and the production of dairy products which mainly includes cheese, butter and milk.

The Wisconsin State Jails are overseen by the Department of Corrections of Wisconsin. The Department of Corrections is divided into divisions which comprise of the Division of Community Corrections, Juvenile Corrections and Adult Institutions. The main mission of the Division of Community Corrections is to work for the betterment of public safety by utilizing efficient management principles and techniques to reduce the risk of offender. They achieve this mission by providing high quality supervision and collaboration services with all the community partners to collectively help the law offenders to overcome their discrepancies and become better citizens.

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Wisconsin State is ranked top ten safest states with lowest inarcaration rates based on total population.
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The Juvenile Corrections division is set up to oversee all the juvenile law offenders in the country. Separate facilities are set up where juvenile offenders are detained while given educations programs and therapy sessions to help them overcome their problems and to grow into better citizens. Education is also provided to them while they are detained. A SPRITE programs is set up for the betterment of juvenile offenders. SPRITE stands for support, perseverance, respect, initiative, teamwork and education.