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The state of Vermont was formed on the 4th of March, 1791. It was the 14th state to be formed in the United States of America. It is spread over an area of 9,615 square miles making Vermont the 45th largest state in America. It contains a population of around 608,827 people making Vermont the 49th most populated state of America. The capital of Vermont is Montpelier while its largest city is Burlington. The residents of Vermont are often called Vermonters. The states of Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire share their borders with Vermont. Vermont also shares international borders with Canada. Vermont consists of 14 counties within. The major industries set up in this state are maple syrup, tourism, forest products like paper, electronics and farming which is mostly dairy products.

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Vermont State is ranked top ten safest states with lowest inarcaration rates based on total population.
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Vermont State Jails are under the control of the Vermont Department of Corrections. The main values on which the Vermont Department of Corrections is set up are compassion, enthusiasm, creativity, judgment, integrity, commitment and responsibility.  The principle beliefs are that people can change no matter what life throws at them. This institution believes in treating people with dignity and respect. They try to resolve every conflict non – violently. They strive in maintaining an environment that is both secure and safe. They base all their work on the terms of teamwork while utilizing a process of continuous improvement.

The Vermont Department of Corrections believes that the successful completion of correctional services depends entirely on the support and participation from the local community. They strive for professional self-improvement and try to make everyone realize that each individual is dignified and worthy of respect. The institution tires to make each decision making with minimum biasness and maximum fairness. The institute fully respects all the rights, interests and entitlements of all individuals.