Burlington County Jail  

New Jersey

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The Burlington County Jail is located at 54 Grant Street, Mt Holly, NJ 08060. You can reach the Burlington County jail reception desk by using the phone number (609) 265-5080. For help with Burlington County bail bonds or legal matters please see our local listings posted to the right.

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Jail Address: 54 Grant Street, Mt Holly, NJ 08060
Jail Phone: (609) 265-5080

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The Burlington County Jail in New Jersey, is one of the most historic prisons in the United States. The Burlington County Prison operated from 1811 through 1965. The prison's original design model was as a prisoner rehabilitation center. Basically it set the premise which is followed in the United States today, which is that prison is not meant to only punish prisoners; it is meant to be a rehabilitative place for prisoners to think about the wrong they have done, and to become a better person, and not to offend again in the future.


The motto which the prison originally set forth was "Justice Which, While it Punishes, Would Endeavor to Reform the Offender;" in other words, although the prison was meant to punish offenders, the major goal was to deter them from doing further wrong, and to make them better citizens going back into the community once released.

The Burlington County Prison, when closed in 1965 (closed to holding inmates), was the oldest operating prison in the United States. Today, although the prison is not housing inmates, it has become a historic place to visit in Burlington County, New Jersey. The prison has been made into a museum of natural history; it has become a part of Americana tradition, and stands out as what the legal system we follow today is premised on.


If interested in history of the country, and monumental points of interest, the Burlington County Jail (Museum), in New Jersey, is a great place to visit. The prison has been restored in some places (due to natural damage from time). Anyone can visit, and some tours are held, but reservations must be made. Although no longer in operation to house inmates, the Burlington County Jail is a great place for individuals to visit, and view a part of American history.

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