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North Carolina is the twelfth state to be formed in the United States of America on the 21st of November, 1789. Its capital city is Raleigh while the largest city in North Carolina happens to be Charlotte. North Carolina is the 28th biggest state in the country being spread over a massive area of 53,821 square miles. Comparing its population with that of other states, it happens to be the eleventh most populated state of America having a population level of 8,049,313. The states of Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia share borders with North Carolina. It includes 100 counties within its state. The major industries set up in this state are furniture, textile, and farming which includes mostly poultry and tobacco.

The North Carolina State Prison has a lot of health services that they provide. These include medical services, dental services, nursing services and mental health services. Along with that many other prison programs go on throughout the year. They offer various work programs to the inmates to engage themselves in productive work so they can keep themselves busy. On top of that the North Carolina State Prison also has various educational programs going on for its inmates. Domestic violation education program, Think Smart, Study Release and Academic/Vocational Education are some of the educational programs going on in the North Carolina State Prison.

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North Carolina State is ranked top ten safest states with lowest inarcaration rates based on total population.
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For the benefit of the inmates the North Carolina State Prison also includes some private prison facilities. These include two centers for females and one for males. The female centers are The Center for Community Transitions – Women’s Center and the Mary Frances Center. The male center is the Evergreen Rehabilitation Center. The Mary Frances Center for women is quite big and houses up to a hundred female offenders while the other female center is quite small and can house only twenty female offenders.