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Located in the eastern south-central area of the United States, Mississippi is bordered on the East by Alabama, on the South by the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, Louisiana and Arkansas in the West and Tennessee in the North. Ranking 32nd in size among the 50 states, Mississippi has a population of approximately 3 million. 

Throughout Mississippi's 82 counties there are 89 jail facilities with a combined rated capacity of 10,289 inmates. Peace Officers of the Department of Public Safety inspect jails; there are no state standards. (2007)


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Mississippi State is ranked top ten safest states with lowest inarcaration rates based on total population.
Additional Information on Mississippi Jails:

The Department of Corrections Community Corrections Division supervises 22,267 probationers and 2,922 parolees. (2008)

The crime rate in Mississippi is about 12% lower than the national average rate. Property crimes account for around 91.2% of the crime rate in Mississippi which is 8% lower than the national rate. The remaining 7.8% are violent crimes and are about 37% lower than other states. 

Mississippi has a rate 38% higher than the national average of incarcerated adults per 100,000, whilst the average number of probationers per 100,000 people is 45% lower than the national rate and their average number of parolees per 100,000 people is 57% lower than the national rate.  

In 2009 taxpayers paid 47% less than the other states per inmate at a cost of $15,188. 

The Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) has a federal court order capacity of 1539 beds available in county jails to house state inmates.  In many instances the sheriff of an approved county jail will request that a state inmate be housed at their facility.  These state inmates, often referred to as trusty or work program inmates, provide free labor to the sheriff in the form of jail support.  State inmates housed in county jails also provide free labor to municipalities and counties in the form of building and property maintenance, construction, litter cleanup, and beautification projects to roads, parks and other public property. 

The County's Adult Detention Center (ADC) houses a combination of violent and non-violent offenders for both men and women with four basic categories for inmates- those recently arrested awaiting bond, those awaiting trial without bond, recently convicted awaiting transfer to a State facility and parole violators.  There are no State inmates at the County's ADC.