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The state of Maine was founded on 15th of March, 1820. Maine was the 23rd state to be formed in the United States of America. it is also the 36th biggest state of  America with an area of 35,387 square miles. It also happens to be the 40th most populated state of America with a population of 1,274,923. Canada shares borders with the Maine State while the state of New Hampshire does too. Apart from that there are two bodies of water bordering Maine as well, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Maine. Maine has 16 counties within its state. The major industries flourishing in Maine are tourism, electronics, machinery, footwear, fishing, shipbuilding and agriculture especially potatoes.

The basic underlying mission of the Maine State Prison is to provide protection, safety and a correctional environment to the public residents of its state. This protection goes further to include even the incarcerated offenders and the staff members of the Maine State Prison. Furthermore, at Maine State Prison the health and well – being of all prisoners is well looked after. Rehabilitation centers are inside the prison for the benefit of prisoners while many work opportunities are provided so they can grow and engage themselves in some activity. Counseling is also offered to all prisoners to help them blend in well with the general society once they leave the prison.

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Maine State is ranked top ten safest states with lowest inarcaration rates based on total population.
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A special team is dedicated that helps all prisoners learn how to become more productive and law abiding citizens. The guiding principles that are taught to them are based on integrity, professionalism and teamwork. Furthermore the Maine State Prison has its own adult community corrections and a separate juvenile services section. The juvenile division especially emphasizes on providing the youngsters with a more risk – focused intervention while giving them quality treatment.