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Colorado, with a population of approx. 4.1 million, is bordered by the northwest state of Wyoming to the north, the Midwest states of Nebraska and Kansas to the northeast and east, on the south by New Mexico and a small portion of the southern state of Oklahoma, and on the west by Utah. The four states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet at one common point known as the Four Corners, which is known as the heart of the American Southwest. Colorado is one of only three U.S. states with no natural borders.


Despite the persistent economic recession and rising unemployment, the number of reported auto thefts and other property crimes decreased in Colorado in 2009, but violent crimes, including homicides, shot up. While the rest of the country had an 11 percent decrease in reported homicides, Colorado saw a 12 percent increase from 151 in 2008 to 169 in 2009, according to the state crime report this said however the crime rate in Colorado is about 13% lower than the national average rate. Property crimes account for around 89.3% of the crime rate in Colorado including automobile thefts decreased 1.5 percent from 2008 to 2009 and is 11% lower than the national rate. The remaining 9.4% are violent crimes and are about 25% lower than other states.

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Colorado State is ranked top ten safest states with lowest inarcaration rates based on total population.
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Violent crimes increased in Colorado by 3.4 percent, according to reports from the FBI and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. The total number of crimes in all categories in Colorado increased 0.4 percent last year. But because of an increase in the state's population, the crime rate per 100,000 residents actually decreased by 1 percent.


There are 57 jail facilities throughout Colorado's 63 counties with a combined rated capacity of 14,070. All are operated by the sheriff's office except Denver. There is no formal inspection or standards program. (2007) Division of Probation Services, part of the Office of the State Court, supervises 88,912 probationers. The Department of Corrections Community Corrections Division supervises nearly 11,654 parolees. The Department of Public Safety administers a Community Corrections Act. (2008). The average number of incarcerated adults per 100, Colorado is rate 4% higher than the national number, whilst the average number of probationers per 100,000 people is 21% higher than the national. At a cost of $32,339 per inmate every year the taxpayer pays 11% more than the national average to upkeep the jails in Colorado.


Prison Operations provides quality services and leadership in the areas of Security, Programs, and support services while ensuring the safe, secure, and humane operation of all institutions. The Division upholds public safety while providing services and programs to assist offenders in successful community reentry. The Division supports 19 state operated prisons and monitors five privately owned facilities. In addition to providing facility oversight, jails provide support services for all Colorado jails in the areas of:


Education, classification and time computation, and faith and citizen programs.